Artwasteland Studios showcases the work of Mark Dannon Herbert and Laurel Herbert as well as a family of independent artisans.

Mark Dannon Herbert

From a young age I have always been  intrigued with aspects of art such as design, composition, color and balance. Reading lots of comic books as a kid I always loved the many elements of line that go into creating an artwork as well as the story being told . I began to draw my own comics and worked on them through high school ..When I  went to art school  at UNCW I  fell in love with cubism, Surrealism, the Da Da movement , gorilla marketing, collage, sculpture, creative writing, music, poetry  ,pottery and my wife who is a potter , painter and fiber artist  as well . Many of my themes in my artworks involve my passion for psychiatry and trying to understand others as well as myself . I also am a great appreciator of nature and the wonderful offerings for inspiration God has put on the planet for us to marvel at . I now have several series of works which you can find here on this website please feel free to contact me about purchasing any originals or prints

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